As you grow up and become an adult, you have a lot of responsibilities that you cannot overlook. The first and foremost is to take care of your family in the best way possible. You must balance your work life, schedule appointments, work hard and in all that hurry, there is a chance that you have forgotten about your future. Your little innocent kids need protection in their lives if you leave them suddenly. Your family won’t be able to take the pain of your death and a financial burden at once.

You must think about your death because you have dependents and you must provide some coverage, but the question arises, which coverage will be perfect?

Let’s take another example if you are retiring, and now you are tensed about your future, what are you going to do in the time of need? You have money but nowhere to spend it, you have a family that you want to help after your death, and you haven’t planned anything yet. Well, the good news is that you still have time, it’s never too late to think about life insurance.

Again, the question is still there, “Which insurance policy will suit you the best?”

When you think about getting life insurance, the first thing you need to do is analyses your situation and evaluate the results to know which policy is the best for you. The reason is that you can never look for different policies when you don’t have the type of policy clear in your mind.

The two main types of insurance policies are the term Life Insurance and whole life insurance, let’s have a look at the details.

Term Life Insurance Policy

Term life insurance is the type of insurance where you get coverage for a specific time period. This can be a 10-year, 20-year of a 50-year period after which your policy will expire but if you die within that time, your beneficiaries will get the death benefit. During that duration, the premium will remain constant but as time passes, and you want to renew your policy, you might get high rates. The good thing about this policy is that you can convert it into a whole life or universal life insurance at any time before the expiry date.

Your premiums will be highly affected if your health changes, you get a new job, or you change your lifestyle. That means, if you were a chain smoker and you quit smoking now, you might have to pay fewer premiums now. It is an affordable option that covers you temporarily.

If you have kids that depend on you and you are worried about their future if you leave them, this can be a great option. You can choose a time for your term life insurance when your kids will be independent, and you will have enough savings for your spouse to manage after your death. This is a great way to get coverage without making life long commitments.

As term life insurance is a great option for people on a budget, they must also consider that this coverage will stay for a limited time. This is a good option if you have dependents and you want an income for them after you die because this insurance provides tax-free cash value to your beneficiaries.

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Whole Life Insurance Policy

If you want to cover your family for all your life and you don’t want to burden them with your funeral cost, you might think about the other option, that is the whole life insurance.

This life insurance policy covers you for all your life and your beneficiaries will get the death benefit at the time of your passing. Most of the whole life policies offer constant premiums throughout your life and this is the reason that the premiums are higher than term life insurance. No matter how your health changes in the coming years, you will have to pay the same premiums each year of your life.

There are many policies that allow you to pay the premiums at a certain time and not after that. This allows you to get rid of the tension and your death benefit will be saved till you die. You can fix a time of, for example, 20 years and pay all the premiums at that time, after this you will be relaxed and covered at the same time.

This policy can be for you if you are planning to gift it to a charitable organization to help others live a better life. Also, if you are looking for a policy that can be beneficial for estate planning, get a whole life insurance policy. No matter what, your dependents will get the death benefit whenever you die, unlike term life insurance.

Which Insurance Policy Is Best for You?

Whenever you are planning to get a life insurance policy, you must consider your financial status at the time and expected future status. When you are deciding, the right thing is to consider all the options, compare them and see which one suits you perfectly. Every person has different situations and preferences so one policy cannot be considered good and other bad because it can be good for you but not for others. So, it all depends on your condition.

Young married couples with dependent kids should choose term life insurance policies. As you need life insurance to cover your spouse and children, but after a specific time, your kids will be independent, and you would have enough savings to support your spouse after your death. In this case, all you must do is analyze your situation and determine what term will be best for you when you won’t need coverage anymore.

Whole life insurance can be your best choice if you are going to donate your policy after your death or you want something beneficial for your estate planning and you want nobody but your policy to take care of your final expenses.

Consider your present condition and future goals to determine which policy is best for you.


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